Momentum Investments Namibia Chief Executive Officer

05 September 2019
Lesley Rukoro graduated from The University of Namibia and thereafter joined the civil service for five years as a Statistician. He was then offered the chance to further his studies at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom. That opportunity led him to complete a post graduate diploma with the University of London. His scholarly journey led him to completing a master’s degree in Commerce with the University of Western Cape.

He joined Momentum Asset Management in 2009, and ever since then he has risen through the ranks to lead the company to greater heights.

“Momentum Namibia is celebrating 10 years of doing business within the country this year,'' he says. “It came to be, through a merger between Metropolitan and Momentum Asset Management. Our dedicated focus remains offering the best in financial services and providing financial wellness for all clients, big or small.” 

“With experience gained from working for various institutions, I believe I have personally grown in my career, and have developed, over the years, a passion for seeing others around me grow,” he says. “I find myself at the helm of a ship that is progressing through challenging waters, but adapting to its current environment. We have a great team that is focused on getting the job done well, without compromise.”

Exploring new ideas is vital to a business wishing to improve its services. “What sets Momentum apart from the rest, is our big focus on offering innovative products,” he explains. “A diverse portfolio opens up a lot of investment opportunities and partnering with the right people allows us to access these opportunities for our clients. It's about the right fit. In addition to this, the value for money offered is incomparable with businesses that offer the same service at the same level. Our attention to detail in offering great customer service is at the starting point of all we do.”

“We understand individuals and corporations’ investment needs are unique and change as life circumstances change,” he says. 

It is this emphasis on customer satisfaction that keeps the company ahead of its competitors. “Whether you are looking for growth, income or capital preservation, Momentum has a promise; to meet your investment needs in a comprehensive, innovative and trusted manner. This all comes with increased choice and flexibility, an invaluable asset in the current financial climate in which we operate.”

Instead of following a specific standard model of doing business, Lesley explores different strategies as required. 

“By exploring different opportunities and investment possibilities, we are in a position to create and provide comprehensive products. We always aim to offer the best for our clients, regardless of their portfolio size or financial muscle,” he adds. “We have developed from being an institution that only focuses on offering risk products alone. Our growth has driven us to take on new challenges and diversify our portfolio, allowing our clients access to a wider investment network.”

In a hyper-competitive market, Momentum has managed to stay ahead of the curve and that is simply due to their ability to combine new methods of doing business and mixing that with the fundamentals of any good business: giving good service.

“Momentum offering is known to give value for money, and we are very well known for our good service in the industry.”

Having been in the investment management industry for close to 13 years now, 9 of those in his current position, Lesley knows that one of the ways to success is to be a revenue generating powerhouse coupled with client satisfaction.

“At Momentum we try to offer financial wellness to our clients, in all spheres of life. We try to partner with them to give them a comprehensive products,” he adds.

Momentum focuses on giving value. Whether working on a major portfolio or working for individual customers, Momentum’s competence lies in delivering a comprehensive business model that aims at nor only growing the business but one that takes care of its customers too. “We’ve just recently launched our Momentum Wealth and Momentum Collective Investment Businesses. This is an additional sphere to our Risk Offering, and our Funds at Work Offering. We aim to grow that side of the business and provide client satisfaction in that regard.”

The company is pushing for creativity in their internal processes and getting its people to challenge the way they work. Lesley believes in streamlining the way the team works to be more agile, eliminating work that doesn’t add value.

In addition to offering Momentum risk and investment products as well as umbrella fund management, Lesley says there are also plans underway to expand this offering, making it more all-inclusive. “What is guiding us into the next 10 years of Momentum, is looking at offering solutions for different businesses, taking into account their specific investment objectives.” 

What Momentum has been able to achieve in the past 10 years is remarkable, considering its humble beginnings. Lesley emphasized that providing access to customised local and global Momentum’s investment and retirement solutions for individuals and entities is their main concern. “This includes various types of portfolios, across a diverse product range that extends well beyond that of a conventional unit trust provider.”

Looking ahead, the company has distinct directives and aspirations. If the past 10 years are anything to go by, we can clearly deduce the cause for this aspiration is to hasten Momentum’s reach and broaden scope. What do the next 10 years look like for Momentum?  “We are going to continue providing clients with comprehensive financial wellness products based on their requirements. It’s a very exciting space and an exciting time to be in,” says Lesley.