Ingah Ekandjo: Consistency Is Key

18 September 2019

As the General Manager of Momentum Metropolitan Group Services, Ingah Ekandjo has made it her mission to consistently deliver one promise: Customer happiness.

Imagine a world where men and women are treated equally. A world where equal pay for equal work is a norm. A world where you are evaluated by your merits and not your gender. This is the kind of world that Ingah grew-up in. “My parents never made any distinction between boys and girls, we were treated the same, we got the same portions of food, my brothers would cook, the girls would clean the house and vice versa,” she explains.

It is this type of upbringing that groomed her to be, as she puts it "bold, reserved and focused."

Her journey to becoming General Manager consisted of absolute resolve. It is said that the price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether you win or lose, you have applied the best of yourself to the task at hand. These are the attributes Ekandjo possesses. "I think back and I realized that the one thing that got me here was consistency; I put in the same effort now as when I started my first job. You need to spend enough time building a strong foundation, that way you become unshakable," she adds.

A strong unshakable foundation is also what Momentum Metropolitan is built on. MMI Holdings Namibia was formed on the 1st July 2013 following the merger of Metropolitan Life Namibia Limited and Momentum Life Assurance Namibia Limited. Ever since then the company has taken huge strides in ensuring that they offer top notch services to their clients by offering a range of insurance options and investments options: "Metropolitan provides life assurance, investment and savings solutions, to the emerging market segment; Whereas Momentum on the life side focuses on the affluent and corporate market, Corporate: FundsATWork, Myriad, Short-Term, Wealth, Asset Management & Collective Investments. Methealth Namibia Administrators provides healthcare fund administration, while Momentum Asset Management Namibia caters for the asset management needs of our clients," she lists.

The insurance industry in Namibia has gone through the changing tides of innovation and rebranding, of which Momentum Metropolitan has been at the forefront thereof. Embracing change and recognizing the need to evolve is essential in any business. This was a need that came about for building a lasting brand that stays committed to its values and its clients, as Ingah explains, "the renaming of our organization to Momentum Metropolitan Namibia Limited group not only celebrates the business that we are in; but also places a greater emphasis on our strategy and promotes our client facing brands, which brings with it a rich history or tremendous success."

Momentum Metropolitan echo’s one consistent motto, customer first!

Their number one mandate has always been their clients. Momentum Metropolitan is an excellent example of creating an environment that centers on the customer. "Our customers are at the forefront of any decision that we make. Always no matter what, we always ask ourselves; what’s the value for the customer," says Ingah.

Growth and success is no solo fleet, and Ingah stresses that ingenious results are the work of a fine tuned oil machine run by a team of people who work together for a common objective. “Teamwork is important, people can achieve much more if they work towards one goal." further adding that it is imperative for a leader to take criticism with grace and appreciation, when one has made an unpopular decision. "...grow from it,'' she advises.

Ingah Ekandjo, fueled by tenacity, and a sense of purpose, she has made her way up to the top by being inspired by "a colleague who started out in Metropolitan as a cleaner, today she is a Branch Manager at one of our flagship branches...a child taking a bus from Katutura to school, seeing that hunger in them inspires me to dream. For me it’s those things that matter, because I see myself in so many people."

She brings with her that same vigor, authenticity and consistency as she leads Momentum Metropolitan onwards and upwards with one thing in mind; "To continue living by our values and doing well on our mandate, which is to support our clients through their journey to financial success."