Five Benefits of Investing in a Unit Trust with Momentum Investments

02 September 2020

Five Benefits of Investing in a Unit Trust with Momentum Investments

What is a Unit Trust?

A unit trust pools the money of many individuals and invests it in equities, bonds, property, cash, and other investments, both locally and abroad. Unit trust investing allows an investor to own part of a diversified, professionally managed portfolio of assets by investing a modest amount of money, either once-off or on a monthly basis.

Here are some great reasons to start investing:

  1. It's affordable to become an investor
  2. Investors can choose to invest in unit trusts in two ways: by debit order or with a lump sum. With a minimum investment amount as little as N$200 per month, you can start investing today!

  3. Get access to your money faster than a 30-day savings account!
  4. Unit trusts are easy to buy and sell. In the event of an emergency, you can access your savings in just 5-7 days! Unlike with 30-day savings account at your local bank, unit trust funds are accessible sooner.

  5. Professional management at your fingertips
  6. The average investor does not usually have the necessary time, resources, and expertise to manage their own money. Unit trust investing in Momentum Investments allows individual investors access to a professionally managed portfolio of investments.

  7. Competitive costs vs. buying shares directly online
  8. As an individual investor, it is often more cost-effective to access a range of investments via a unit trust than buying shares directly from the stock market online, where transaction costs, such as broker commissions, can reduce the value of your investment by a greater amount.

  9. Investment safety and transparency
  10. Unit trusts are highly regulated and you can be confident that, while unit trusts are subject to investment risks, they are not likely to be victims of fraud or embezzlement. There is also a high level of transparency as legislation requires disclosure about costs and details of the underlying portfolio.

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