Outcome-based investing

Your goal is our benchmark

Outcome-based investing means constructing a portfolio that is capable of meeting an investor’s unique needs.

Thinking beyond a benchmark

The philosophy behind outcome-based investing is simple: Put the investor first. To that end, our outcome-based solutions are purposefully built to solve a specific, quantifiable investor need.
Focusing on a goal acknowledges that people invest to meet day-to-day and long-term real life needs and aspirations – not to simply outperform an arbitrary market benchmark.

What makes outcome-based investing different?

An outcome-based approach to investing focuses on consistently delivering on your expectations. We use rigorous market, investment strategy and mandate research to analyse the investment universe with the aim of determining and constructing the most beneficial investment solutions to improve the probability of achieving your predefined investment objective, whether that objective is based on a local or global need.
A consistent outcome-based investment objective means using diversification and unbridled flexibility to seek the investment return necessary to achieve a desired outcome while eliminating unnecessary risk. At the end of the day, outcome-based investing aims to take the stress out of trying to time the market.